“I can say with complete honesty that if it were not for Robert & Monique we would not still be married.  Their ability to address both the psychological and spiritual aspects of our difficulties with understanding and candor allowed us to move forward through crisis and toward real healing in our relationship and individually.  We are so thankful we were referred to Lamplighter Counseling.”
“It’s difficult to put into words your appreciation for someone who has helped you through one of the most difficult periods of your life. The height of my appreciation for Robert and Monique Jesiolowski of Lamplighter Counseling and Spiritual Life Center reflects the depth of frustration and anxiety I felt when we as a blended family began to see Monique weekly. I will always be grateful for her help, and I whole-heartedly recommend Monique and Robert to anyone who even hints at a desire to speak with a professional to help him walk his own difficult path.
One of the things I appreciate most about Monique is her innate, God-given ability to relate to people immediately. While a seasoned professional, Monique is able to put clients at ease in the very first visit, which is critical in the client’s desire to return. You can’t do the work of healing unless you show up, so the initial visit–that first impression–is important. Monique is genuine, approachable, and speaks truth in a nonthreatening manner. You leave the initial visit on a positive note, feeling as if returning will be advantageous. You leave with hope.
I also value the option of couples’ tandem counseling with both Robert and Monique. Having each gender represented in marital counseling provides an environment of objectivity and sense of a level playing field as issues are discussed. Again, the ability to provide a nonthreatening place to work on issues is necessary for transparency and growth.
Another facet of Lamplighters that I appreciate is that in the midst of turmoil, heartache, anger and depression, they are dispensers of hope in a practical way. Robert and Monique offer practices and ideas that you can work on during your everyday life. Practical helps are vital because living what you learn in counseling is imperative for growth. You begin to have hope that things can get better as you see yourself change.
While Robert and Monique are highly committed Christians, they approach people, regardless of their backgrounds or beliefs, with acceptance and warmth—never judgment or didacticism, no platitudes or sermons. Their spirituality helps them see the good in people and is the source of energy that enables them to help people want to redeem their lives and receive emotional healing. Religion is never forced on anyone, but the name of the practice, “Lamplighter,” speaks to the Jesiolowskis’ desire to point people toward God, redemption, and healing.
Robert and Monique offer the perspectives of years of professional counseling in settings including all personalities and situations. You cannot shock or surprise them with your issues or situation. They meet and respect you where you are but care enough to help you move toward healing. In this respect, they model the grace of God which so many of us have never experienced before—unconditional acceptance with the hope of a richer, fuller life. This is the hope and help that Robert and Monique Jesiolowski of Lamplighter Counseling and Spiritual Life Center shine on the world, and I am very grateful to have been the recipient of that help.”