Dancing with the Trinity

Dancing with the TrinityDancing with the Trinity released by our very own Monique Jesiolowski, with Creation House Publishing.

This is a book about my journey with God. It shows a more intimate, relational side of God that is rarely talked about. The book takes real life situations and brings God to an intimate level. Many of the stories include my 4 year-old daughter, Marianna, who has been pivotal in showing me how to have a deeper relationship with the Trinity.  There are many personal conversations with God within the book that will guide the reader on what I hope is a remarkable spiritual journey.

Dancing with the Trinity

Dancing with the Trinity is a paperback, non-fiction book.  It would make a great gift for yourself or for anyone who is looking to find a deeper, more creative dance with the Trinity.  I love to dance, I hope you do too.

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Reviews of the Book:

“It is an amazing, priceless gift!”

“I LOVE this book.  It is so enriching.”

“What a tribute to our Father in Heaven. Monique faithfully looks forward to each new day as a gift from Father to see how she can keep time and rhythm with Him.”

“Monique zealously shares very personal, precious and defining memories with friends and loved ones, experiences where she was at the crossroad of choice and decision-making moments that would serve to define who she would later be in relation to God, her husband, and her beautiful daughter.  All of these experiences and memories served to refine and strengthen her relationship with Father. These rich, life experiences, which she has so generously gifted us with, serves as a trellis upon which she grows, strengthens, blossoms and radiates in beauty, understanding, wisdom and strength. What a wonderful adventure when God is in the lead! What a celebration! It’s enough to make you want to dance! ”


“Monique’s experiences and reflections are rich. She writes with poignant clarity and with seemingly effortless authenticity. She is gifted in her ability to weave together raw events with touching insights in a way that genuinely invites the reader into deeper joy and freedom.“
Matt Carder, Pastor, Commonway Church          

“It is hard to put into words what you will find in these stories, but I’ll try. There is depth in these stories; a deeper awareness of God, the human condition, and human connections, I hope you feel them. There are gifts for you in these stories; some joy, some wonder, some loss, some sadness, I hope you find them and open them. There are some answers in these stories; but mostly there are questions, questions that you’ve long wondered about but are afraid to ask, but you’ll find that even in the absence of answers, there is healing. Finally there are melodies, and harmonies, and movement; and I like Monique hope you dance.”
Dr. Jerry E. Davis, Director of the Graduate Counseling Program, Huntington University