Robert & Monique

Our Mission:

We strive continuously too provide healing to people and relationships through the ministry of professionally trained, certified, and licensed therapists & yoga instructors that utilize skilled therapeutic interventions empowered by God’s powerful love to bring about the most effective and long-term life transformations. We do this is in a private environment unique to counseling, a discrete office within our home that provides clients with a safe place to discuss their issues while allowing them to feel comfortable.

Monique Jesiolowski MA, RYT

Monique holds a Masters of Counseling Degree from Indiana Wesleyan University. She has been working in the counseling field for 20+ years specializing in helping every day people find God’s true design for who they are. Monique was a Crisis Center Hotline Director before becoming a Crisis Counselor and Therapist working extensively with couples, adults, adolescents, and children in residential, community, and correctional settings.

Monique is an experienced national speaker at a variety of conferences on the topics of living out one’s Christian views; coping with Abuse; understanding Addictions; finding Balance; and overcoming Strongholds. She co-facilitates Christian Women’s Retreats in her community and abroad called Playdates with God designed to provide insight, joy, peace, fellowship and creative outlets. She designed and teaches Christian Restorative Body Prayer in addition to being a Certified Yoga Instructor.

Monique also serves as an Adjunct Professor for Indiana Wesleyan University where she teaches Marriage & Family Counseling courses. Monique is happily married to the love of her life, a fellow therapist and colleague. At Lamplighter Counseling, Monique and her husband use a uniquely developed Synergy Counseling strategy which provides a husband & wife therapist team in every session with couples to help each partner feel heard and understood while role modeling healthy relationship practices.

Recently, Monique published her first book, “Dancing with the Trinity.”  The book is published by Creation House, a division of Charisma Media and is now available.

Robert E. Jesiolowski, DBC, LCSW

Robert is a specially trained Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Forensic Expert who has been working for 20+ years counseling people and helping them find truth in their lives. Robert is also a full time Assistant Professor for Indiana Wesleyan University teaching in the online Social Work Department

Robert recently obtained his Doctoral Degree in Biblical Counseling, as well as holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Illinois. He has worked in jails, prisons, community programs, residential settings, and in-patient & out-patient facilities in Illinois, and Indiana. Robert has served as a Risk Consultant for the State of California.

Robert has presented at National conferences for state organizations, Churches, and classes at Ball State University, Taylor University, and Ivy Tech on such topics as Counseling practices, Distorted Thinking, Utilizing Intuition, and Crisis Management.

Robert facilitates faith-based Groups. He is an experienced court consultant who has testified in many criminal hearings as an expert witness. Robert specilializes in working with men to break through the distortions society has taught them that take them away from who God designed them to be.

Robert & Monique have 2 fantaastic kids: Thunder [age 9] and Eagle [age 2] whom prove the love God in their lives!